Microsoft Toll Free 1 800 Numbers Support & Contact: 1 800 Microsoft Contact Number Look Up What’s the 1-800 number for Microsoft? Under is a set of telephone numbers for clients. Usa Center Contact. 1-800-426-9400 Welcome towards Partner information line and the Microsoft Revenue. To aid us improve our quality of service, this contact checked or could possibly be saved. Please note, our menu options have recently improved. To begin with, please tell me which kind of customer you’re. You declare call a member of staff or can declare organization, particular, Microsoft companion. Europe States Support Center Contact.

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1-800-936-8790 Welcome to Canada, speedy guidance help. To supply quality companies this contact maybe registered or supervised and data gathered with this call could be transferred to other countries. By continuing with this phone you accept this. Maybe you have considered online help? It’s simple to distribute a low- and never having to wait around the phone, mission-critical service request online. After submitting your matter you will be called by a Microsoft support expert back. For more information oas. One minute please.

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For contacting Microsoft qualified support, thank you. Our brand is XXX, can I have your label as well as your range? (live person) United States Professional Support Phone Numbers. 1-800-642-7676 (24/7) Cheers for contacting Microsoft. To help us enhance our quality of company. This call possibly checked or be recorded. To get started notify me what you will like help with. You’re able to declare, technical support, pre- information, security, associate support or calling a worker.

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Canada Professional Support Cell Phone Numbers. 1 800-805-4440 (24/7) United States Technical Assistance. 1800-936-4900 (Language) Europe Tech Support Team. 1800-805-4440 (English, German) IT Pros Assisted Help. 1 (800) 936-4900 Original Makers. (800) 936-2197 Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. 1-(888)-677-9444 (24/7) Designer Assisted Assistance. (US and Canada) call (800) 936-5800 Reseller or Expert Assisted Support. 1 (888) 456-5570 (24/7) source: (includes global contact numbers) Contact TechNet Customer Care.

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(800) 344-2121 Microsoft Partner Services USA. 1800-MPN-REMEDY (1800-676-7658) Partner Technical Services CanadaFrench.