Coins are used to buy accelerations, lives, extra moves and furniture. Matchington Mansion is a very popular match 3 game. The is developed by FireCraft Studios for Android and iOS.

It’s easy to catch, but if it drags you you’ll lose it in this large and obstacle-filled room. He gives you a Green Jewel worth 800,000g, 20 coins and 5 bills. Nursery – This one has placed squatters right on Chauncey’s crib. Play The House of Da Vinci with the power of Multi-Instance Sync.

Keep Unlocking The Stuffs In The Game

These Matchington Mansion level 4547 tips and strategy will help you beat level 4547 of Matchington Mansion. Here in Citygare you will find video walk-through to clear Matchington Mansion Level 4547. Level 4547 isn’t a difficult level as long as you don’t waste any moves, so make sure you get the best move available. If you have any further questions about the obstacle items in the game please check the Answers Page to ask your question or if you have any further tips please comment below. Mirrors are movable pieces that can be removed from the screen by matching next to them.

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Download Matchington Mansion V1 69.1 (modificação, Moedas Ilimitadas)

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Once you have enough, you can exchange them to upgrade de wish tree/sand castle. To activate them, click the icon in the level preparation window. After that, the game will have crackers, a big cracker or a rainbow bomb.